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How Does Dual Fuel Work?

Engine power remains the same without degradation in power or performance. From the engine ECU’s point of view, it simply ‘sees’ the gas as a reduced load while the ECU continues to control the engine as it was designed to operate. Exhaust gas, coolant, oil, and manifold air temperature levels all remain within normal limits. Emissions drop as gas substitution lowers the production of diesel byproducts. Throughout the use of the engine, the Skygo ECU provides exact controls to adjust the use of both diesel and natural gas at all times.
What is Dual Fuel?

Natural gas is mixed into the intake air stream in precise amounts, drawn into the engine, and burned along with the diesel cycle. The more gas, the less diesel required, and therefore greater savings achieved. However, natural gas provides less power output and could lower overall engine performance. This is where the SkyGo system provides a unique advantage to the operator. With our superior software design, we have solved this long term issue. No loss of Power or Torque during operation of the truck throughout the power demands of the drive cycles.