Skygo Wins Grant to Convert 10 Trucks to Dual Fuel

Skygo Fuel System won the grant to convert 10 of Stenger Trucking of Ohio, to dual fuel. Clean Cities of Ohio and Skygo Fuel Systems have completed the first of 10 conversions that will be completed in 2015. Owner Joe Stenger is extremely satisfied after extensive... read more

Skygo’s New WiFi Display for Dual Fuel Conversion System

Sept 22, 2014, Skygo Fuel Systems’s long awaited release of the all new display for its dual fuel conversion system will be available. The display is a 7-inch tablet with WiFi. The display is wireless and can be moved anywhere in the cab for viewing. Full color... read more

EPA approves Skygo Dual Fuel System (OUL)

After a complete review by the EPA of the emissions from the latest dual fuel system by Skygo, an approval was granted for use in the USA. Skygo is pleased to begin the sale of its latest advancements in dual fuel. The new conversion system by Skygo is for the Cummins... read more

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