AMBAC International Announces Two New Applications for Skygo Dual Fuel Coming Soon, and Discounted Preorder Pricing

Skygo is nearing completion of two new engine applications, the Detroit Diesel Series 60, and the DD15. EPA testing is scheduled to begin soon. Pending approval, both systems will be available from AMBAC International. Developed by and for the working engine user; this system provides excellent drivability and usability.
To celebrate, AMBAC International has announced special pricing for 90 days on all dual fuel systems. For a limited time, customers can purchase our Cummins ISX solution or pre-order the Detroit Diesel systems for only $9,900 direct. That’s a savings of $5,484.29 from the list price.

Additionally, AMBAC will demonstrate the value to the customer by offering a 90-day satisfaction guarantee on all Dual Fuel Systems. If the system does not perform to the customer’s satisfaction, AMBAC will take it back and refund the conversion kit price.

The current dual fuel system is available as an aftermarket upgrade for 2007 to 2009 Cummins ISX engines. According to data provided to the EPA, reduced emissions up to 20%, with displacements (natural gas substitution) of approximately 60%. Although the results are not in, we expect the Series 60 and the DD15 to perform similarly.

The system delivers a very compelling financial ROI, and just as importantly, a very impressive environmental ROI. Initially designed for trucking applications, the system can applied to many different applications including transit, off-road, marine, utility, or stationary power. When Skygo’s dual fuel system is in use, the dual fuel system is saving money and lowering harmful emissions.

Skygo has partnered with AMBAC International to manufacture the system. AMBAC International, one of the oldest and most experience heavy-duty engine equipment manufacturers in the world, is manufacturing the system in their ISO9001 certified Columbia South Carolina facility.


AMBAC is a global supplier of fuel systems and related components to the heavy-duty diesel industry. AMBAC has been producing engine systems since 1908, making AMBAC one of the oldest and most experienced companies in the industry. AMBAC primarily supplies diesel fuel systems, electric governors, and advanced components. AMBAC products are used in global transportation, agriculture, aviation, defense, power generation, and more. Many major OEM technology products worldwide trace their heritage to the design concepts and engineering rigor of AMBAC.

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