Reduce Your Fuel Costs With A SkyGo Fuel System.

We didn’t invent the idea of dual fuel – blending natural gas with diesel fuel in a diesel engine – but we may have perfected it. Our kits are simple to install, simple to monitor, and simple to realize savings in your fuel bills. Our proprietary software technology provides seamless operation of natural gas blending, whether CNG or LNG, from idle to pedal to cruise control modes. Your drivers will never know the difference except at the pump. Depending on loads and terrain, the Skygo dual fuel system can typically realize a 45% to 70% diesel fuel displacements … numbers based on feedback from our customers, not from our engineers. It’s because of this that we stand behind our system with a money back guarantee.

How is it installed?

Our system is a simple conversion kit that can be added to existing trucks in your fleet. Installation time of Skygo’s dual fuel system and natural gas tanks runs about one day. Skygo can train your mechanics or complete the installation for you.

What Is Dual Fuel?

Natural gas is mixed into the air intake stream, drawn into the engine and burned along with diesel fuel. The more gas, the less diesel required to maintain the same power levels. The fuel cost savings are the result of simply replacing diesel fuel with lower cost natural gas

Is It Right For My Fleet?

Fuel consumption calculators are available to determine if a dual fuel system will provide an acceptable investment payback based on parameters such as yearly mileage, cost of fuel, mpg, maintenance intervals, etc. Contact your Skygo sales representative for details.

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